Hello, friends, and thank you for visiting. This site is where we’ll keep you posted on our latest adventures on the Colorado Trail, part 1 attempted in 2018 and part 2 [hopefully] accomplished in 2020.

The Hikers

First, there’s Isaac (husband and designated hiker buddy) – Isaac has a background in psychology and currently works in talent acquisition for a tech company. Words he would use to describe himself are: waggish, buoyant, and brunch. His hobbies include enology, fly fishing, golfing, and about a million other activities he likes to dabble in. Do NOT play him in Molkky, because you will lose! He loves to start conversations with strangers on the trail (and may have a special tequila surprise for you, if you’re in need!).

Then, there’s Hannah (me) – I’m a corporate lackey working in the consulting industry. I’m [fairly] professional at work, but far from it outside of the office. I love to laugh and pal around with family and friends. I’m always planning our next big thing, and thru-hiking has been a peripheral passion for a few years now. While I like to think I’m a natural outdoorswoman, the reality is that the grit and grime of the outdoors stretches me outside my comfort zone (which is why I enter the wilderness with a ready supply of insta-lattes). 


The Hike

We’re tackling the Colorado Trail, winding 486 glorious miles from Denver to Durango. The trail has 28 segments, and we managed the first half in 2018. A few unforeseen obstacles ended our trip early, and we’re back in 2020 to finish this sucker out. We’re doing our best to experience wild adventures like this while keeping our jobs that we love.

entirectmap-db6withcdnstadded(Credit to Colorado Trail Foundation)


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