Day 6 — Creede

Thursday, July 2 — zero miles

I wake this morning to the sounds of a lumber yard right next to our hotel, but the racket doesn’t bother me. I’m too busy luxuriating in the feel of soft sheets and cushy bed. The inn we’re staying at is absolutely adorable and I feel so thankful to have two nights here.

Isaac and I take advantage of decadent muffins and coffee provided by the inn. Then, when we’ve sufficiently awoken, we put on our freshly cleaned clothes (which I washed the night before) and head out to explore Creede.

We don’t make it far before the menu at the Blue Moose Cafe tempts us with second breakfast, and we settle into enjoy omelettes, biscuits and gravy and more coffee.

After that, we start our errands for the day. This includes a stop at the local grocery store for more first aid supplies and snacks, and then San Juan Sports for some camping supplies (a sleeping bag liner, a new spork, etc.).

We meet up with our trail angel Debbie who has a package of food supplies that we shipped her earlier. She’s a gem and we enjoy getting the “local take” from her. We arrange for her to take us back to the trail at 6am tomorrow morning.

In the afternoon we kill a couple hours at the town park, reading and stretching, and waiting for our new room at the inn to be ready.

Then we go to Arp’s and enjoy salad at their outdoor patio, and then burgers and wings at Miners Cafe. Sufficiently stuffed, we make our way back to the Inn where Isaac takes a nap and I sort some stuff.

In the evening, all of our chores are done and we’ve explored every corner of Creede, so we make our way back to Arp’s to grab a bite and savor the evening sun (I know, all we did today was eat!). We also use this time to make phone calls to family.

We’re heading back to the Inn when we realize the brewery next door, Square Peg Brewerks, is having their grand opening. We duck inside to show our support, and have an absolutely blast meeting many friendly faces. This includes Derek, the owner, who happens to be the son of Bunny (the woman who owns the Aspen Inn where we’re staying—an absolutely lovely family!).

By now, we couldn’t possibly imbibe one more thing, so we limp back to our room and quickly fall asleep. Thanks for a great zero day, Creede!

Isaac’s haiku of the day: (this one is about constipation, Isaac says)

You can make your plans.

Mister all your willpower.

Then, nothing… JUST POOP!

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