Day 2 — Rain or Shine

Sunday, June 28 — Miles 282.1-297.9 (15.9 miles for the day)

Between pretty chilly temperatures and a deflated pillow, I spent a restless night (not uncommon for me). Luckily Isaac slept soundly all night long, so that’s something. 😊

This morning my alarm fails to go off, and we accidentally sleep in until 7, waking to the glorious feel of the warm sun on our tent. We take our time packing up, and enjoy our morning coffee with a lovely view.

Due to an error in planning on my part, I realize we have 10 miles to go before we’ll get to a water source, and we’re already running low. Providentially, there’s an unmarked spring nearby, and we spend an hour pulling and filtering water for the day. We’re hiking by 9—later than we planned, but oh well.

The trail starts to climb right away, and we spend the morning hiking through a hilly forest. It turns out most of our hike today is in the woods; while the trees provide nice shade from the sun, the atmosphere is muggy and mosquitos abound (in Colorado?!).

We break for lunch on top of a ridge, and enjoy some hard-earned tortillas and peanut butter (and a nap in the sun).

After lunch, we make it a mile or so before a storm quickly moves in. We pause to don our rain jackets and pack covers and continue on our way. The rain is heavy and the thunder rumbles overhead, but we feel safe to proceed.

At 10 miles in, we find our water source (a meek little stream) and fill all our water carriers for the final 5 mile hike to camp. The climb is steep and our packs our heavy. We’re feeling sore and achy, but we press on (through more mosquitos!).

We get to camp and quickly set up our tent before jumping inside to avoid being eaten. We carefully cook dinner on the stove in the tent vestibule and feast on our first dinner of spaghetti.

Now I’m recording the day while Isaac makes us a second dinner of mashed potatoes. After that our only job is to lay and rest. I’m reading a great adventure book on my kindle and can’t wait to escape via literature. Our bodies are hurting…but two days down! We’re well on our way.

Isaac’s daily haiku:

A man sits lonely.

A good wife is hard to find.

But not so for me.

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