Day 21 — Rest Up

Saturday, August 25, 2018 — Hiked 0 Miles

It turns out that after a week of backpacking, a bed is glorious and luxurious and all the best things in the world. We wake today knowing that we have zero miles to hike, a proper rest day. You cannot imagine how delicious that feels.

We rent bikes for the day in order to avoid walking as much as possible. We begin by biking to a cafe on the river for a hearty, healthy breakfast. The more vegetables the better, please.

Then we do a slew of chores, like making phone calls to family, bill paying, list making, grocery shopping, shoe shopping, and a stop for ice cream.

By late afternoon all the chores are done and we get burritos and take them to the jazz fest at riverside park. We enjoy the music for a bit, then meet up with Dave and Matt for milk and cookies (an essential rest day component).

Isaac and I opt to skip the fireworks at the park and head back to finish our packs and get an early night to bed. We’re leaving first thing tomorrow morning to get back on trail, and we want to prioritize a healthy amount of sleep… but first we gorge on ice cream that Liam left for us. What a thoughtful gesture!

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