Day 16 — Two Passes, One Day

Monday, August 20, 2018 — CW Miles 190.2–207.0 (16.8 for miles the day)

We have camped so high up the mountain at tree line that we never really had a chance of staying warm. We sleep very little, shivering all night. At 7, we muster the energy to crawl out of the tent, and see the world layered in white frost.

We hustle to pack up our things, and then huff our way up the last 3/4 mile to the high point, Hope Pass. The trail is so steep at this point that it takes nearly an hour to cover the distance, and even then we’re still freezing.

So we trip out way down the other side of the pass (just as steep), and finally find a place in the morning sun that’s warm enough to fix a proper breakfast.

By midday we descend the south side of the pass and wind our way along the valley floor before the next ascent begins. This time we’re climbing a few thousand feet to the top of Lake Ann Pass, though the incline is more gradual and altogether more bearable.

We summit by 5pm, and we’re feeling good. Two passes in one day! There are two other woman at the top, and we celebrate by making everyone a latte with our stove and fuel. Hot coffee never tasted so good.

Then all that’s left to do is head down the other side, 4 miles to our campsite. The trail is exposed and sheer, with a hefty wind, but we move carefully and are soon at camp by 7:30. We set up and do all the of the camp chores before calling it a night. It was one of our hardest days of hiking so far, and yet we’re feeling pretty great about it.

Isaac says:

Chicken Alfredo = good.

Tuna = good.

Chicken Alfredo + Tuna = not good.

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