Day 13 — Getting Back On the Horse

Friday, August 17, 2018 — Miles 156.6-161.4 (4.8 miles for the day)

I regain consciousness slowly this morning. My first thought is: “where am I?” And then I realize that I’m back home in my own bed. It’s 7am and Isaac is getting ready for work (his last day before hitting the trail).

It takes me a minute to get moving, but once I have the coffee pot going, I start to make a plan.

Isaac and I are hoping to return to the trail this afternoon, but we need to figure out a way to get there. And we need some clarity on mom’s condition.

While waiting on both those answers, I do laundry, wash dishes, and sort through the chaos of my pack.

Dad calls mid morning to let me know they’re at the doctor waiting for Mom’s x-ray results. Then he calls again to say there’s definitely a fracture in her tibia. And then the he calls one more time to confirm that she has one fracture in her tibia and two in her fibula. Ouch! They’ll be sending her home today in hopes that the swelling goes down over the weekend so they can do surgery on Monday. My poor mother. My heart hurts to know how much pain she’s been through.

There’s nothing we can do at this point, and everyone feels comfortable with us heading back out. Isaac’s parents agree to drive us back to the trailhead near Leadville, which is no small sacrifice on their part—it’ll mean nearly 6 hours of driving for them! Truly thankful for their generosity.

We enjoy the car ride back to the mountains and take the time to get caught up on all of our lives. It feels like no time at all before we’re back to the trail at the start of segment 10. Because of the crazy incidents of the last 24 hours, I was unable to finish the last half of segment 8 and segment 9. Our need to get back to work by a certain date means we don’t have time to make the miles up right now, so we opt to skip ahead to maintain our schedule. Not ideal, but it’s what needs to happen.

At the trailhead we run into Liam (aka Hubris), whom I met the day before. So great to see him and thank him once again for all his help!

Liam takes off, and we’re about 10 minutes behind him. It’s 5pm and we plan to get a few miles in before dark.

Along the way we run into a crew scoping out the trail for the Leadville 100 race tomorrow. We chat for a bit, and they give us two beers. Later in the evening we hike with Liam a bit and split the beers, because drinking should be a social thing.

We get to camp after dark and set up by headlight. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the last 24 hours, hard to believe I’m back out here so soon. But it feels right to have Isaac with me, sharing this experience. And I hope to have reception in the next day or two to check in with mom.

Isaac says: Day 1 for me and I’m doing bomb.

One thought on “Day 13 — Getting Back On the Horse

  1. Hannah, I have loved following your journey thus far. What a fun adventure! I can’t wait to live vicariously through you!


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