Day 7 — Sharing the Adventure

Saturday, August 11, 2018 — Miles 60.0–71.7 (11.7 miles for the day)

It appears that I chose a campsite 1500 feet higher than the day before which must mean its 15 times colder. I don’t really sleep, as it’s far too cold in my tent. I put on every single piece of clothing I brought but it makes no difference. I feel relieved when it starts to get brighter outside, knowing the sun is on its way. There’s a ridge between me and the sun, though, and it could take hours to break through, so instead of lazing around this morning like I intended to do, I pack up camp in record time and begin to hike by 6:30. I don’t have gloves so I wear my extra socks to keep my hands warm, and keep moving down the trail.

The trail winds its way through dense woods, but after a few miles I find a spot that’s simply bathed in sunlight. I decide this is where I’ll have breakfast, so I drop my pack and make some coffee. Best cup of coffee of my life!

I spend a full hour here, just warming up. At one pint, a hiker, Kathy, rounds the corner and stops to chat. This is the first person I’ve seen since I began hiking, and it’s all I can do to refrain from hugging her. She eventually moves on, and I’m not far behind.

I spend the rest of the morning plowing through the remaining miles of the Lost Creek Wilderness, before meeting up with Michelle in the middle of the day. After all this isolation, spending time with her is GLORIOUS, and the last few miles of the day fly by as we converse about our firm we work for, relationships, and other dense topics.

We get to Kenosha pass by 3pm, where Michelle has reserved a campsite. My brother may possibly meet us here tonight or tomorrow; I’m not fully certain so we hop in her car and drive down until we get reception, confirming that JT is indeed on his way (and fitting in a quick call to Isaac!).

We kill the last few hours of daylight waiting for him by sipping rosé and eating fried chicken.Michelle brought me so much delicious food—immensely thankful for her kindness AND an afternoon of excellent conversation.

Then dad shows up and drops JT off, and the three of us chat until 10pm about God and truth and aliens and the Soviet Union (all the important topics). We have grand ambitions of getting up at 3am to catch a meteor shower, but we’ll see if that actually happens.

All in all it’s been a great day and I am so grateful for these wonderful people who are sharing this experience with me.

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