Day 4 – Lessons Learned

Monday, May 28, 2018 — Miles 36.3–40.5 (4.2 miles for the day)

The morning is slow and peaceful and we hang around camp until 10. It’s our last morning on trail (for now), and there’s no rush to leave.

After everything is packed up I realize that I left my phone in the tent. Too much work to get it back out again, so I forego any photos as we hit the trail one last time.

It’s 4 miles uphill to the end of segment 3. Isaac is limping at this point as he manages some pain in his foot. Nothing terrible, but something to keep his eye on.

As we draw close to the trailhead, I hear my mom calling my name. She and dad hiked out a bit to meet us—what a nice finish! We debrief our experience, and then we’re in dad’s truck, cruising out of the mountains and back to reality.

Overall our trip was a success. We intentionally had lower-mileage days to feel things out. We made a few mistakes, but learned a lot in preparation for our full thru-hike later this summer. My two big takeaways are 1) my pack is a little too heavy and 2) my body is a little too soft. No big deal. We have a few months to tackle both of those things.

Thanks for the fun, CT. We’ll be back in August!

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