Day 3 – We’re Practically Experts Now

Sunday, May 27, 2018 — Miles 23.4–36.3 (12.9 miles for the day)

This morning I wake slowly, watching our tent shift slightly in the wind. We camped on top of a small ridge, of sorts, and now I can feel the wind and the growing sunlight as a new day begins.

We’re much more organized today. We get up and eat breakfast as the sun rises; then we pack and are on the trail by 7:30.

Our morning is spent wrapping around the open burn-scarred hills in the full morning sun. We pass a few bikers and day-hikers, and everyone is happy—no, not happy. Joyful. We all know it’s a gift to be out here in the middle of nowhere surrounded by this glorious setting.

Isaac and I pass the time talking about family and church. It’s Sunday and we would normally be at church, possibly teaching our elementary kids class.

But today, we feel just as close to God as we revel in this setting.

We are still in a dry section, but pop out on a busy two-lane Highway. There’s a fire house here that lets hikers use their water spigot to resupply. Isaac did such a great job managing our water supply that we don’t need much, but we enjoy the novelty of this small town generosity.

Isaac picked a bouquet of flowers for me.


And then we press on, finishing segment 2 and charging into segment 3. Segment 3 turns out to be more heavily forested, and quite the popular spot with mountain bikers. We dodge out of the way of ones and twos, and sometimes groups of ten. They’re mostly friendly and respectful, and we all seem to be open to sharing the trail.

We break for lunch at a quiet shaded stream, drowsy and relaxed. We’re making great time and have pounded out ten miles by this point, so we take our time in the afternoon, breaking often and chatting with other bikers along the way.

We push on 3 miles past our intended camp site, and set up camp near another segment-hiking couple. They’re doing the Colorado Trail a segment at a time, and are up to 7 total. Only 21 to go.

We make camp early at 4pm. There’s no rush as we only have 4 miles before the end of segment 3, where dad and mom will be picking us up tomorrow at noon. But we enjoy the prolonged evening, soaking in the river, tending to a few blisters, and taking it all in. We climb in our tent at 7pm, and talk for a few hours until we both drift off to sleep.

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