Day 7 — Well That Was Rough

Friday, July 3 — Miles 343.0-360.4 + 3 miles to get back to the CT (20.4 miles for the day)

6am comes all to soon. Isaac and I are up quickly to finish packing our things, snag a cup of coffee, and meet Debbie outside. A fellow hiker is already there, and he’s going to share our ride back to the trail.

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Day 5 — San Luis

Wednesday, July 1 — Miles 331.6-343.0 + 9 miles off trail (20.4 miles for the day)

Last night was the coldest night we’ve experienced so far (the consequence of camping close to a creek). I shivered in my sleeping bag for most of the night, finally falling asleep as the sun began to rise.

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Day 6 — Creede

Thursday, July 2 — zero miles

I wake this morning to the sounds of a lumber yard right next to our hotel, but the racket doesn’t bother me. I’m too busy luxuriating in the feel of soft sheets and cushy bed. The inn we’re staying at is absolutely adorable and I feel so thankful to have two nights here.

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Day 3 — Hiker Legs

Monday, June 29 — Miles 297.9-316.8 (18.9 miles for the day)

Sweet blessed sleep. I awake this morning feeling decently well rested and thankful that last night proved a bit warmer. Isaac and I are slow to get going, but we don’t anticipate a hard hiking day. Yesterday we limped into camp feeling pretty beat down, so today we’ve set more modest goals.

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